Did You Know...?

  •  A full 83 countries do not have enough health workers to meet the WHO’s minimum standard to provide even basic health services (No Health Without a Workforce, 2013)
  • The world is currently missing 7 million doctors, nurses and midwives (No Health Without a Workforce, 2013)


Right to Health

All people everywhere have the right to the highest attainable standard of health. A motivated, adequately equipped, and equitably distributed health workforce is central to the realization of human rights and toward the fulfilment of the right to health.

Adequate Financing

Adequate, new and sustainable financing is essential to addressing the global shortage of health workers and strengthening health systems. HWAI aims to mobilize domestic and international resources to scale-up the number of human resources for health and meet global and national health targets.

Empowering Society

Civil society plays an important role in holding governments and institutions to account for efforts intended to meet local need. HWAI aims to deepen the knowledge and capacity of civil society so that it has the resources to effectively address the shortage of human resources for health.